Sardine Canyon

I had spent the last week of September in Sardine Canyon (less than ten miles from my door step), taking pictures of the great fall colors being displayed there.  We all have taken pictures of what we believed to be the real keepers, only to find that they are not.  Such was the case.  The scenes were spectacular; the captures merely ho hum.  What to do?

A typical early fall snowstorm the next Saturday solved the dilemma.  Knowing what the storm could do, I called a friend and we hurried up the canyon an hour before sunrise to the exact place I had planted my tripod just a week before.  What a change.  The fall colors were still present, but they had to fight through and share their brilliance with the white snow which covered everything.  The split rail fence was now not just a brown dull fence.  It provided repose to four inches of new snow.  The most striking change appeared in the background of the pine-covered hill.  Appearing as a blob of indiscriminate green the week before, the details of each pine branch popped out through their new coat of snow. 

I took several hundred practice shots, stitching six to eight frames together, and finally the stars aligned themselves in perfection.  The sun broke through the clouds, burning them slowly off the timbered hill, the reds and oranges and yellows popped in symphony with the snow.  The results are one of my very best panoramas.  Now on the massive thirty by one hundred and twenty triptych gallery-wrapped canvas some of the best that God and His nature creates came together.  And I got it!

Sardine Canyon, Utah

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Sardine Canyon