Green River Gorge

I positioned my tripod just short of a five hundred food drop into the white rim basin of canyonlands. The Green River winds way through the rim floor, intimately giving its self up forever to the Colorado. The merger takes place miles south of this vista in the Needles District of Canyonlands. When the sun began to show its morning light, I commenced a picture-taking barrage.  I took over two hundred frames of the scene, from the sun's rays on only the tippy tops--to the entire view awash in sunshine. Many shots were three exposures of the same frame. This created a high-definition range print allowing the details of the shadows of the unlit basin to be seen as well as the details in sunlit sky.  They are then combined with several overlapping shots to create the large panorama. This particular panorama is actually twelve separate frames. Three exposures each of four overlapping view.  I was able to create a panorama once only dreamed of with 35 mm camera.

Green River Gorge, Canyonlands National Park