Abandoned Truck - Hey Joe Canyon


I had seen a picture of this truck while reading a book about the various trails around Moab, Utah.  Having fallen in love with abandoned machinery (the Cement Truck being my favorite), I decided that this relic of a long abandoned uranium mine needed my attention.

My journey started down an old road which now --sixty or seventy years later--would only accommodate an ATV.  Steep switchbacks, boulder obstacles, and over-grown bushes impeded the journey the last twelve miles bordering the Green River.   Solitude accompanied me as I made my way toward Hey Joe Canyon and the abandoned mine.  Upon arriving, my anticipation was richly rewarded.  An old bull dozer was the first thing to greet me.  Then as I cautiously made my way up the trail into the canyon, I discovered odds and ends of mining equipment strewn everywhere.  Near the end of the canyon, I saw the old truck reposed in all of her grandeur.  I took hundreds of pictures from a dozen angles.  She just lay there like a striking red-headed model, responding to my every command.

This, the best of the best, allows one to get a glimpse of the surrounding beauty, explore the fine details of the wondrous truck and wonder how and when and why and what.

Moab, Utah