Mesa Arch is probably one of the most famous arches in not only southern Utah but in the entire world. It is also one of the most photographed as well. I spent three days at the crack of dawn in February 2007 in front of the arch hoping for the magical moment all the photographers wait for. Just as the sun comes over the horizon, the underside of Mesa Arch turns fiery orange. You have to see it to believe it.

On the third day, that moment was mine. What was created is truly magical. Most photographs show the basin and its towers below the arch as something of an afterthought. The La Sal Mountains in the distance are just that - mountains in a photograph that are 30 miles away. I used a technique that for me is beginning to dominate my work. I stood behind my camera and tripod less than fifteen feet from the arch, and at 115 mm focal length, took 17 frames, which I then stitched together. As a result, not only is Mesa Arch shown in all her glory, but the towers below, the basin and the mesas in the distance, and the La Sal Mountains shrouded in morning clouds and winter snow are now a distinct part of the photograph.

The photograph is then printed on a 30 by 60 inch canvas, using the frameless gallery wrap technique. To see this fine art print in person will literally turn your head. There is an adventure akin to being there because of everything you can clearly see.
Canyon Lands National Park, Utah