We had hiked half of forever up the back side of Mount Timpanogos, Northeast of Provo, Utah.  We intended to camp near the summit, then be on the main peak to witness the glorious sunrise.  Arriving late a night at the meadow (still several miles from the peak), we barely had the energy to pitch our tens before we crashed and burned into dreamland.  At the prescribed time to wake up so we could still reach the top before sunrise, no one stirred but me.  I grabbed my camera gear and started at a brisk pace up the trail in the dark.  I had barely cleared a small ridge still far from the crest, when a cheer from the crowd at the top told me not to fret about making it before sunrise—it was already happening.

Lucky for me.

As I descended the small ridge on my way back to my Alpine motel, these incredible animals appeared as if from no where, just beginning their ascent up the mountain to their daytime hideout.  I must have passed them in the dark.  AS the sun broke over the crest, four of the Rocky Mountain goats stopped to watch the early morning light and one of my very favorite shots was created

Mount Timpanogos, Provo, Utah