The largest herd of buffalo still remaining in the United States resides in Yellowstone Park.  Most of the buffalo migrate from one area to another in the Northeast quadrant of the park.  When they decided to travel to a new area (not necessarily due any change in season) they move in mass along their chosen path.  I had been fishing n a small lake near the Northeast entrance of the park.  As I approached the parking area to leave, the entire road was filled with buffalo--from small calves, to mother cows, to some of the real big boys.  Until they decided otherwise, they controlled the road.

While I waited for over forty minutes for the migrators to clear, this young bull lumbered through the meadow just off the road.  He looked like he had been walking for ever--and he acted as if that were indeed the case.

This was the best of the many frames taken.  The close up of just his head tells as much of a story as a frame of the whole herd would tell.

Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming